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Combination counter-attack 1

It has been some time since I blog but today I have decided to post on counter-attack techniques. The combination attack techniques are not exhaustive and will probably post some more on them now let's focus on counter-attack techniques. Counter-attack are really important in the game and in fact some are really pure counter-attack players.

One combination counter-attack technique that one can practice is slide back followed by a turning kick to the body and then to the head. The thing about practicing this technique is that the distance of sliding back has to realistic. Some has slide back too less and in actual game, before they can counter they might have already been kicked and therefore not able to counter that easily. The balance has probably been lost therefore may not be able to perform a right technique to score.

Thus to make it more realistic when doing this drill, your partner can do a simulated kick and you slide back then followed with the turning kicks to the body and the head. When aiming for the head, your partner can use a target so that you can perform a strong and fast kick to train the actual kick. If your aim is just the technique probably a light kick to the face level is also alright but you may not be able to train the full speed and power.

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