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Golf Thoughts

The enjoyment of looking over my lawn from the Grandpa's rocking chair just spurs me to pick up my golf drivers and swing at the green grass through those glass panes. The next thing will be the pick up of my hybrid golf clubs to swing over the roadside drain from my lawn, as if I am swinging over those ponds and manage the ball just for par.

It is these visualizations of golf playing that kept me focusing on the real driving range to always gain that easy position near the holes. Honestly, I have no records of hole-in-one. Yet I have very good parking near the holes to finish below par. Practice does make perfect as I can manage very well to park near the holes in any directions, be it to the left, the right, ahead or just before the holes.

The zest that refreshes me every time I hold those clubs makes me one player to be in contact with golf for long hours. Onlookers may give that occasional look of curiosity especially when they pass my place twice and still see me holding the same club at the same position and swinging the same way. Golf certainly is a big passion and once you take hold of it, you never want to let it go, except for a while, when you end back at Grandpa's rocking chair and relax.

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